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  • Fun With Date Calculations

    Published: 21/11/2016
    Date calculations are a common trap for the unwary. How do you work out the start of the day today, tomorrow or in five days or five months time? What is the correct answer when you add a month to Jan ... Read more
    Source: useyourloaf.com
  • Consistently Immutable

    Published: 15/11/2016
    Here’s a good read for when you’re planning a data caching strategy for your Next Great Project: Managing Consistency of Immutable Models Immutable models have many advantages, but managing consistenc ... Read more
  • Adding Hardware Keyboard Shortcuts

    Published: 14/11/2016
    I have been enjoying Matt Gemmell’s writing about going iPad only . A few weeks back he tweeted a request to iOS devs to support keyboard shortcuts. I vaguely remembered Apple adding the feature ... Read more
    Source: useyourloaf.com