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  • Mid-January Link Assortment

    Published: 15/01/2017
    Events PR-IF in Cambridge/Boston has been running a series of IF readings, and they’ve already started with Liza Daly’s Stone Harbor. That reading series continues on Wednesday afternoons, ... Read more
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  • End of December Link Assortment

    Published: 31/12/2016
    Events January 7, the SF Bay IF Meetup gets together; last I checked the agenda was still somewhat tentative, but this may have become more definite since. January 11, 18, and 25, and February 1, Bost ... Read more
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  • These Violent Delights

    Published: 25/12/2016
    Before I’d seen a single episode of Westworld, a journalist reached out to me for comment about it. The show touches on the question of AI consciousness, narrative design, the evocation of empat ... Read more
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