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  • Those Trojan Girls (Mark Bernstein)

    Published: 1/12/2016
    Those Trojan Girls is a hypertext novel by Mark Bernstein, written in Storyspace. Storyspace is Bernstein’s project, and the blurb for Those Trojan Girls describes how the tool might add to the ... Read more
    Source: emshort.blog
  • End of November Link Assortment

    Published: 30/11/2016
    Events December 3 is the Bay Area IF Meetup. December 14, the People’s Republic of IF meets at MIT to look at some of the remaining IF Comp winners and discuss future project plans. December 30 ... Read more
    Source: emshort.blog
  • Mailbag: Mysteries in CYOA

    Published: 21/11/2016
    I sometimes print letters I’ve received and what I wrote in response. This is usually for one of two reasons: I’d like to pass on what the writer had to say, or the writer asked a question that requir ... Read more
  • Mid-November Link Assortment

    Published: 15/11/2016
    November 19, London, is Wordplay, held at the British Museum. November 20, also London, AdventureX is running the interactive fiction-y part of its content. I’ll be talking about IF past, presen ... Read more
  • Three Kickstartable RPGs

    Published: 10/11/2016
    Bluebeard’s Bride is a game about the wife, left at home, exploring the strange house of her monstrous husband, gradually uncovering the secrets of the place. The players portray different aspec ... Read more
  • IF Comp 2016 Roundup

    Published: 7/11/2016
    Most of my IF Comp reactions have turned up at at Rock Paper Shotgun, or will do so soon; a few others have appeared in essay form on this site. I didn’t cover all fifty-eight games. However, I ... Read more