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  • Bundling the Wild Cards

    Published: 10/01/2017
    Haven't tried Wild Cards yet? Well, here's your chance. Tor Books is doing a special ebook bundle of the first five volumes of Wild Cards. (Including the new editions of volumes one and four, with fiv ... Read more
  • Doom, Despair, Defeat

    Published: 10/01/2017
    So far, the new year is off to a terrific start. Not. Yesterday mostly sucked. All the playoff games sucked, actually. The four wild card teams all lost, the four home teams all won, and every game en ... Read more
  • Underwood Defeats Trump

    Published: 9/01/2017
    Well, looks like Frank Underwood would defeat Donald Trump in a landslide, based on the responses to my last post. Gregg Hartmann finished a distant third, and many comments ignored his candidacy enti ... Read more
  • A Bad Year Gets Worse

    Published: 28/12/2016
    Death, death, and more death... this year just keeps getting worse and worse. There is not much I can say about the death of Carrie Fisher that a thousand other people have not said already. She was w ... Read more
  • Survived Another Xmas

    Published: 27/12/2016
    Another Christmas has come and gone. I have to admit, Halloween and Thanksgiving are my favorite holidays. Christmas has always been too stressful, at least since I became an adult (a long long time a ... Read more
  • Rikki, Beastie, and Carrie

    Published: 22/12/2016
    We've got a cool Christmas treat today for Wild Cards fans. There's a brand new Wild Cards story up today on Tor.com. The title is "The Thing About Growing Up in Jokertown." It's from Carrie Vaughn, a ... Read more