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  • herringweave cardigan

    Published: 17/01/2017
    it’s finally time for our 2017 ensemble look book rollout; do you love it?? from the response we’ve gotten so far, it seems that you do and that makes me glad. rolling out a new collection ... Read more
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  • Join us for a Fiber Journey in 2017!

    Published: 8/01/2017
    We just wanted to take a moment to remind you all that signups are still open for our next round of Bare Naked Knitspot Club. If you’ve never participated in one of our clubs before, I’d l ... Read more
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  • Countdown to Ensemble!

    Published: 3/01/2017
    Every new year needs new patterns, inspiration, and ideas, and at Knitspot, we’re sure to provide them. We have planned so much for you this year, starting with a very exciting launch: Ensemble ... Read more
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  • a week of treats—it’s party season

    Published: 25/12/2016
    there are some things you can do ahead of the holidays to reduce last minute rushing, it’s true, but in the case of a few goodies, fresh is WAY better. like homemade nut brittle. it keeps for a ... Read more
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  • this is what it’s all about

    Published: 23/12/2016
    our red scarf fundraiser design—snow flies—knit by our dear friend barb. it looks like an ordinary scarf, one of hundreds you could choose to knit this season, but let me tell you how it is SO much mo ... Read more
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