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  • CocoaConf Yosemite: 20% off sale

    Published: 1/12/2016
    This March will be my third trip in three years to Yosemite — I can’t miss it. I’m hopelessly addicted to one of the most beautiful places in the world. You can go too! It’s 20% off if you register th ... Read more
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  • The Reverse of the Halo Effect

    Published: 21/11/2016
    With Apple no longer making displays and wireless routers , we have to look elsewhere for these things. And when we start looking elsewhere, we customers who have been in the habit of just buying the ... Read more
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  • This Fascist Shambles and the End of Medicare

    Published: 17/11/2016
    If you’ve seen reports about how the Trump transition is incompetent , vindictive, and corrupt you may have been tempted to take heart that a Trump administration would be bad at actually getting thin ... Read more
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  • OmniOutliner 5 Pro Public Test

    Published: 16/11/2016
    Get it while it’s hot ! I’ve been part of the OmniOutliner team for quite a while — and I love working on what I believe is the greatest outliner in the history of the category. And it’s getting even ... Read more
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  • Let the Healing Not Begin

    Published: 16/11/2016
    I was struck by a quote in a Seattle Times article yesterday about an impending walk-out by high school students protesting Trump. Highline school Superintendent Susan Enfield, who is probably a very ... Read more
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  • The Year the Holiday Plans Were Upset

    Published: 14/11/2016
    Some of my friends are talking about how they’re not going home for Thanksgiving or Christmas, because, at least for this one year, they can’t be with their family members who voted for Trump. I don’t ... Read more
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  • Responsibility and Hope

    Published: 9/11/2016
    There’s no pretending that this is okay. More and bigger shocks are coming. Our electorate just repudiated the American dream — the real dream, the idea that we can build a nation dedicated to liberty ... Read more
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