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  • Billow + white = powder blue

    Published: 22/11/2016
    The internet suggested making the rest of the walls in a room the same hue but three shades lighter than the color of the accent wall. I suspect they meant for me to look at a paint chip and go down t ... Read more
  • Film re-creation assignment

    Published: 20/11/2016
    My classmate from film class posted one of our projects on his Youtube channel. One thing we learned was that his video camera was not as compatible with my boom microphone which results in the audio ... Read more
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    Published: 19/11/2016
    Those of you on my email list will already be aware of the secret I've been hugging to my chest for the last 2.5 years --- my second life writing about werewolves. To be honest, fiction has always bee ... Read more