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  • The Amazing Acro-Cats

    Published: 20/01/2017
    You may know the famous cats of the internet, such as Grumpy Cat, Hamilton the Hipster Cat, and even Lil Bub. But do you know the most incredible kitty-cat live act? The Amazing Acro-Cats are a famous ... Read more
  • The Word Of The Year Is . . .

    Published: 18/01/2017
    . . . is surreal. In the early 1800s, Noah Webster wrote the first American dictionary to show how American English is different than British English. His dictionary, now called Merriam-Webster’s Dict ... Read more
    Source: www.eslpod.com
  • Albert and Aidan Sykes

    Published: 15/01/2017
    This ELT lesson plan is designed around a short video by Story Corps in which a nine-year-old boy interviews his father, and the themes of family and racism. In the lesson students do a dictation, pre ... Read more
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    Published: 13/01/2017
    When we think of the typical beauty cult, we usually imagine women with perfect makeup and glamorous clothes. For years, CoverGirl has helped people to learn about these beauty trends. CoverGirl is a ... Read more
  • Trans-Siberian Railroad

    Published: 11/01/2017
    Do you want to travel abroad? Maybe, you want to visit the Great Wall of China. Maybe, you want to see Egypt’s Pyramids. Or maybe, you hope to ride on the impressive Trans-Siberian Railroad, the ... Read more
  • Swept Up in the Moment

    Published: 10/01/2017
    Have you ever been so involved in something that you forgot to do something else? Maybe, you were working on your favorite hobby, and you forgot to clean the house. Or perhaps, you were dancing with a ... Read more