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  • Missing girl children

    Published: 1/12/2016
    Revelations from the data of the Civil Registration System of the Registrar General of India are astonishing (“India’s missing girl children”, Dec.1). It is time to analyse the loopholes in the Pre-Co ... Read more
  • Instilling patriotism

    Published: 1/12/2016
    How can the Supreme Court assume the powers of the legislature? (“SC makes national anthem mandatory in cinema halls”, Dec.1) If the court felt that it must infuse patriotism, it should have asked par ... Read more
  • The Art of the Personal Project: Michael Warren

    Published: 1/12/2016
    Personal Projects are crucial in showing potential buyers how you think creatively on your own. I am drawn to personal projects that have an interesting vision or show something I have never seen befo ... Read more
  • War on the common man

    Published: 20/11/2016
    The demonetisation move was a measure at waging war on the common people of our country, instead of a war on black money. Crores of workers, farmers, small traders, shopkeepers and all those who are . ... Read more
  • Moscow’s exit from ICC

    Published: 20/11/2016
    Russia’s decision to quit the ICC (“Justice Beyond Borders,” editorial, Nov. 19)) does not come as a surprise. Some African nations have already done this. There have always been two world orders wit. ... Read more
  • Towards a meaner world

    Published: 20/11/2016
    U.S. President Barack Obama’s warning about the possible emergence of a “meaner, harsher and more troubled world” is clearly linked to the election of Donald Trump. The fact that America has always b. ... Read more