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  • A few words about trust

    Published: 29/11/2016
    So i was on a panel at WebScience@10 in London (@WebScienceTrust, #WebSci10), where the first question asked was, “What are two aspects of ‘trust and the Web’ that you think are most relevant/im ... Read more
  • Uber’s pending sale of your personal data

    Published: 20/11/2016
    This is a second draft of this post, corrected by Denise Howell’s comment below. Key facts: I am not a lawyer. She is. Good one, too. So take heed (as I just did). And read on. Uber has new term ... Read more
  • Fake ad sources on Facebook

    Published: 13/11/2016
    Nearly all the ads I see on Facebook are ones like these two, next to Mark Zuckerberg’s latest post: Besides being false and misleading clickbait, they are not from espn.com. They’re ... Read more