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  • CodeSOD: Un-Encoding

    Published: 8/12/2016
    Felix caught a ticket about their OpenId authentication. For some mysterious reason, it had started failing around 30% of the time, specifically because the access token returned by the service was in ... Read more
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  • Representative Line: Off in the Distance

    Published: 6/12/2016
    Drew W got called in to track down a bug. Specifically, their application needed to take a customer’s location, and measure the distance to the nearest National Weather Service radar station. It ... Read more
    Source: thedailywtf.com
  • Error'd: Lenovo Uh-Oh (and more!)

    Published: 2/12/2016
    "I get it that some apps need special permissions, but a GUID is the digital equivalent of 'just trust me - I know what I'm doing'," Kenneth M. writes.   "Sometimes, vendors paint their accessori ... Read more
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  • Just The Fax, Ma'am

    Published: 1/12/2016
    Gus had been working at his new job for a month. Most of his tickets had been for front-end work, making it easier and more efficient to manage the various vendors that the company did business with. ... Read more
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  • CodeSOD: Trimming the Fat

    Published: 30/11/2016
    There are certain developers who don’t understand types . Frustrated, they fall back on the one data-type they understand- strings . Dates are hard, so put them in strings. Numbers aren’t ... Read more
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  • Classic WTF: Illicit Process Improvement

    Published: 25/11/2016
    In celebration of Black Friday, also known as "Retail Hellscape", let's look at a retail-oriented classic WTF, which originally ran way back in 2007 . We'll resume our regularly scheduled WTFs next we ... Read more
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  • Error'd: Does Anyone Here Speak CSS?

    Published: 18/11/2016
    "If you ask me, it's not just English speakers that GSMArena is in need of," wrote Aankhen .   "This Israeli burger chain offers a simplified menu for its customers," writes Shawn A.   Mark ... Read more
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  • CodeSOD: Coldly Fused

    Published: 16/11/2016
    In 1989, a pair of physicists claimed to have achieved the fusion of hydrogen at room temperatures. This came as quite a shock to other physicists, since fusion was only known to happen inside of star ... Read more
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  • CodeSOD: Just In Case

    Published: 14/11/2016
    Brandon ’s company had a lot of work to do, and not enough staff to do it, so they hired on some freelancers. They were careful about it, and felt like they’d hired some good people. One d ... Read more
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  • Error'd: Let's Eat

    Published: 11/11/2016
    "Apparently, only a small part of my dinner qualifies as food," writes Alex F.   Hamkakei wrote, "I've heard of a working lunch, but Amazon seems a little over confident about how much code will ... Read more
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  • Exceptional Handling

    Published: 10/11/2016
    Enterprise Resource Planning software, or ERP for short, is crucial to the operation of many large businesses. Several popular ERP systems have plugin-friendly architecture, the better to sell upgrade ... Read more
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  • CodeSOD: Repeat Delete

    Published: 9/11/2016
    Once upon a time, a client contacted Trick R. and asked him to figure out why files were disappearing from their website. The seemingly innocent task proved to be a swan-dive into a sewer of bad PHP, ... Read more
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