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  • The Crossover Show – 090

    Published: 13/01/2017
    Starting off 2017 with Gratitude. In this episode, MC and HM talk about gratitude. How do MC and HM keep a positive attitude (at least most of the time…I mean, they’re still human. Cut the ... Read more
  • The Crossover Show – 088

    Published: 30/12/2016
    Adieu 2016!. In this episode, brief though it may be, MC takes the helm because apparently HM was too busy “working” or some such nonsense. At any rate, the winner(s) [spoiler alert] of th ... Read more
  • The Crossover Show – 087

    Published: 23/12/2016
    My G-g-g-generation!. In this episode, MC and HM discuss generations. Their differences. Their advantages. Their responsibilities. Think Millennials are to blame for the current state of affairs of th ... Read more
  • The Crossover Show – 086

    Published: 16/12/2016
    The Christmas Show. In this episode, HM and MC regale you with both their formative years during the Christmas season growing up as the son of firemen and the current traditions they enjoy with their ... Read more